• Mental Health Awareness

    This year's focus for Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK is anxiety. Slow Coach Sarah is currently partnering with leaders in small to medium sized enterprises to provide coaching and consultancy so they can:

    gain clarity on their challenges and issues surrounding employee wellbeing;
    identify and implement appropriate support required for management & staff.

    If you are an HR Leader, Manager or Mental Health First Aider in Wiltshire UK who would like to overcome feelings of overwhelm as you support colleagues or employees with everyday challenges around mental wellbeing, contact Sarah directly to book a free and confidential initial conversation.

    In the meantime, your colleagues or employees can read Making Friends with your Anxiety free when signing up for a free trial to Bookboon.

    Here's to a happier and healthier workplace as we all work together to provide better mental health for all.

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  • Anxiety

    We all feel worried from time-to-time. However, when anxiety takes over our lives, it can feel overwhelming and debilitating.

    Yet, what if you could see your anxiety as a helpful friend, rather than something to 'get rid of?'

    What if you could actually welcome it into your life and connect meaningfully with it?

    What if you could ask it what it was trying to tell you, show you or teach you?

    In this mini book written for Bookboon, you are invited to do just that.

    I hope you enjoy the journey with your own anxiety and do feel free to GET IN TOUCH if you’d like to book an initial counselling or coaching conversation.

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